XEE Facilitator Training

Group Training & Tools to Share Your Faith

When it comes to sharing their faith most Christians feel guilty, and are scared and ill-equipped. How can they connect with people? Where can they find a relevant and relational way of sharing their faith with their peers? And how can they train other Christians to do the same?


Through XEE, believers step out of their comfort zone, find common ground with their peers, and share the Gospel effectively in their journey with God.

The "How" with Leadership Training

Leadership Training has proven to greatly enhance the success of an EE ministry. Therefore, we strongly encourage attending an XEE Leadership Training workshop or “Launch”. At an XEE Launch here’s what you receive to hold a successful XEE training ministry:

  • The Gospel in an interactive and story driven format.
  • How to effectively implement XEE in your local church.
  • How to facilitate interactive training instead of lecturing.
  • How to discover XEE concepts through Group Discussions.
  • How to develop good Discussion Group Leaders.
  • Practical training in XEE Role Modelling and Practice Sessions.

XEE Promotional Video

Discover a life-changing opportunity in XEE’s video. Learn how XEE can help you share your faith more effectively and connect with others.  Don’t miss out on this inspiring video to transform your faith journey and empower others to do the same.