EE for Generations (EE4G) Ministry Program

Bringing teens and youth to Christ and equipping them to go for Christ.

Grow in an understanding of God's word

EE for Generations (EE4G) is an Evangelism Explosion ministry program to bring the teens and youth to Christ, and to equip them to go for Christ. We prioritise the growth of the faith of the teens and youth in the Lord, their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and how they can confidently share their faith in Jesus Christ with others.

EE4G Approach

EE for Generations (EE4G) is highly interactive, utilising illustrations, and On-The-Job-Training to equip the teens and youth to share the  Good News about Jesus Christ with their community.


EE4G will help you understand the Gospel concepts in a comprehensive manner as well as learn how to effectively share your faith with others. EE4G training has been constructed in a way to create interest in sharing the Gospel. EE4G is Supported by various activities, including demonstrations, videos, discussions and bible devotionals that will help you to enjoy every part of the gospel presentation.
While you are participating in this training workshop, you will be given opportunity to practice sharing your faith with others. You will identify how God uses you to change other people’s lives as he works through you. What will happen in the next 20 or 30 years of your life?  Will your life make an impact for eternity? We will never know. It can all change here and now. A life that is changed and a life that makes an impact.
Get prepared for the greatest journey of your life, EE4G!

Evangelism Explosion Australia is a Christian non-profit Organisation reaching Australia for Jesus by partnering with the Local church to train Believers to Share your Faith with confidence.